Drum Time Keeping Course | Intermediate Level 

Kal Drako The Drumming Vault


Οn this course we’re going to learn a few exercises that will help us improve our time. Νow obviously you cannot have a great drummer without a great time.

This is the one thing we are called for great drummers need to have great time they go hand in hand.

All musicians need to have great time, but especially drummers we are there to provide the band with great time keeping dynamics feel and transitions through song sections. These are the things, this is like our job, these are the things that other people expect from us.

So these are some of the exercises that i personally have been doing for years. Τhey’re pretty well known within the drumming community, they’re very adaptable so every drummer at any level can do these. The first exercise will be playing to a very very slow click.

We’re gonna play to a click at 60 beats per minute which is very very slow. We’re gonna play a sixteen note based groove so we’re not gonna go double time in 30 second notes or anything like that, because going double time will help us keep better time, because we divide the quarter note in many more pieces. We want a 16th note beat and we’re going to play that very slowly and we’re going to try to also add some very sparse fills.

So fills with a lot of space in them pretend you’re playing an 80’s power ballad pretty much.

This will help you improve your time because when you’re playing slow it’s very easy to spot where you’re off, in comparison with a click. If you’re playing a fast tempo like 150 bpm and and you miss a 16th note that’s not as obvious, but if you’re playing at 60 bpm it’s very obvious to see where you did wrong and correct yourself.

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