Distance teaching

If you feel like teaching online through use of new teachnologies, you can contact us.

A member of our team will follow up to discuss about how weteach works with tutors and teachers.

Start LIVE lessons & workshops

All approved teachers may organise LIVE streaming lessons with the opportunity to reach a global audience. Teachers set up their fee per lesson – students buy their access through weteach. Platform keeps 20% commission of sales.

Upload video lessons on our shop

If you have prerecorded videolessons you may sumbit for review for inclusion on our shop. In case your lessons are accepted, you will setup your price – we teach keeps 15% commission from sales.

Academic fields

Weteach instructors can be artists, language teachers, cooks, yoga teachers and more. It is essential though that all instructors have the technological background to offer their knowledge using the internet.

Apply to be Weteach teacher – we will follow up

Teacher application